Q.  How can I contact support?

A. We have a number of support channels, you can get in touch via Support tickets, Email (support@joiin.co), live chat (look for the yellow chat box at the bottom left of your screen when on our website or whilst in-app or use our contact form.

Q.  Can I post adjustments and Journals?

A. Yes you can post adjustments or consolidation entries directly into Joiin, find our instruction video here.

Q.  How do I run reports for periods more than two years ago?

A. When you connect to a Xero, QuickBooks or Sage company, Joiin will get data for the previous 3 and next 2 fiscal years.  You can change this by changing the Import Start Date on the company.  Go to the Companies page, click on the three-dot action menu at the top right of the company and select Configure.  Change the Start Date in there and click Update configuration.  

Q.  Can I run a report broken down by month?

A. Yes, first select the 'to Previous period' option from the Compare menu, then using the start and end date dropdowns select the last month, chronologically, you would like to appear on your report. E.g Start = Sep 21, End = Sep 21. Then using the Periods to compare drop-down menu that appears, select the number of months you would like displayed on the report and click run.

Q. Can I report by Xero Tracking Category, e.g. Cost Centre or Region or QuickBooks Class or Location?

A. Yes, simply select the Compare By Category/Class/Location option when running a report. You can then further select which Tracking Category you wish to report by such as Cost Centre or Region. See this article for more information.

Q.  How is company data consolidated?

A.  Report data is consolidated in Joiin by default using a combination of the Account Type, Account Code and Account Name.  So accounts from different companies with the same Type, Code and Name will be combined into a single account when viewed in a Joiin report.  This can be changed if required via the Configuration page on the top right menu. You can change it to consolidate only by Type and Code or only by Type and Name.  See this article for more information.

Q.  Can I get a breakdown by entity as well as a consolidated total?

A.  Yes.  To see a breakdown by entity first select your desired report and complete the parameters from the drop-down menus, ensuring you have selected the companies you wish to compare. Next from the Compare drop-down menu select ‘by company,’ then press ‘Run.’ This will then provide you with a per company breakdown in columns, with a consolidated total in the final column. For more information on this see this article.

Q.  What Exchange Rates do you use to do currency conversion?

A.  We use exchange rates from the Open Exchange Rates service.  This service provides current and historical exchange rates for most currencies.  The rate used when you run a Joiin report will depend on the conversion type set in the Configuration which can vary between Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet accounts and can be Report Run Date, Month End or Monthly average.  You can override default exchange rates and enter your own.  For more information on this see the Exchange Rate help section.

Q.  Can I apply exchange rates to specific accounts?

A.  From the exchange rates menu, under settings you can apply 'spot rates' allowing you to set exchange rates to specific accounts. This can be helpful when you need to apply historic exchange rates to the equity section of your balance sheet. For more information on this see the Exchange Rate help section.

Q.  Can I download reports?

A.  Yes.  You can download reports in Excel format.  Just click on the Download icon at the top right above the Run button to download. Please see our video on this here.

Q.  Does Joiin support Cash and Accrual accounting methods?

A. Yes, for Xero and QuickBooks companies Joiin supports both Cash and Accrual reporting.  You can change from Cash to Accrual reporting through the Companies page.  Joiin only supports the Accrual accounting method for Sage companies - we are working with Sage to make cash accounting possible.

Q. Can I nest groups within other groups on Custom Reports?

A. Yes, head over to custom reports and choose the 'add report' option, then click on the three-dot menu next to the Group you would like to nest and select Move -> To - choose the Group you wish to move it to and it will be nested under that group. You can do this for Charts and Formulas too. See our Custom Reports article for more information.

Q.  How often is company data refreshed?

A.  Company data is refreshed automatically in the background every 24 hours.  You can invoke a manual refresh at any time through the Companies page.

Q.  Which browsers does Joiin work on?

A. Joiin works best with Chrome.  There are a few known issues with other browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Edge and IE which we are working to resolve but would recommend using Chrome if at all possible.

Q.  Are there any demo videos on how to use Joiin?

A.  Yes, you can watch a pre-recorded demo here or you can watch other instructional videos on our Youtube channel. 

Q.  Can I invite my colleagues and clients? 

A. Yes, you can invite as many of your colleagues or clients as you wish, do this via 'User management' under the settings menu. Find more info on this here.

Q.  Can I manage multiple clients under one subscription?

A. Yes, if you are the account admin you can add additional Joiin instances for other clients. Click the person icon in the top right and 'enable multi-client.' You can find more info on this here.

Q.  What access levels do I need to connect to my QuickBooks Company?

A. You will need to have 'admin' access level to a QuickBooks company to connect it to Joiin. 

Q.  Does Joiin handle Cash and Accrual methods of accounting?

A. Yes Joiin can manage both, switch between, and find instructions on this here.

Q.  Can I change my Financial/ Fiscal year for my Xero, Quickbooks and Sage companies?

A. Yes, you will be able to change your financial year, these changes will need to be made in your source accounting software for these changes to feed through to Joiin.

Q.  Can I upgrade my plan mid-way through my billing cycle?

A. Yes, you can easily upgrade your plan at any point you like, Joiin will then take a prorated payment for your new plan, deducting the amount you have already paid.