It's simple to get up and running with Sage and Joiin.

Joiin currently works with the Sage Accounting US, Canada, UK and Ireland cloud-based products.  If you're interested in connecting a different Sage product get in touch and we'd be happy to discuss.

You start by following a few simple steps to connect your Sage Accounting businesses to Joiin - once they're connected you don't need to perform this task again - from that point on your data will be refreshed automatically every 24 hours.

  • Go to the Companies page.

  • Click on Add Company and select Connect to Sage Accounting.

  • If you're not already logged into Sage you'll be taken to the login page of Sage - login with your Sage account details as you normally do.  NOTE if you are already logged into Sage under a different account than the one you want to connect to Joiin then you should first log off from Sage before attempting to connect.

  • Once logged in you will see the Sage authorisation screen which shows the Sage business(es) associated to your Sage ID. If your Sage ID is associated to more than one business you will be able to choose which ones you want to connect on the next screen. To authorise the connection click on the Allow button and you will return to Joiin.

  • Once authorised you will be presented with the company selection screen. You can search for companies by name. Select the companies you want to connect and click the Connect button.

  • The selected companies will be added to the Companies list in Joiin and data synchronisation will begin.
  • You have the option to connect another company at this point if required - you can connect as many companies as you wish simultaneously (within the limits of your subscription).
  • While the data sync is in progress you will see a message on the company indicating that the data is loading.

  • Once the data has loaded the message will change to show the last time the data was refreshed - Joiin will automatically refresh the data every 24 hours.

Now you're ready to run reports against that company.  For more information on running reports see the Running Reports user guide.

You can view your list of companies any time on the Companies page.  There you can also:

  • Change the dates data is imported for - by default Joiin pulls the data from Sage from the beginning of last year - if you want to go back further or include future-dated transactions you can change these settings.
  • Manually refresh data from Sage - Joiin will automatically refresh your data every day but if you've updated something in Sage and want to pull in the latest data you can refresh manually.
  • Change the order companies appear in the report filters and the Compare by Company view.

View our help video for a step by step guide to onboarding your Sage Companies'.