You can remap your chart of accounts very easily within Joiin, to do this follow these steps.

If you would prefer, you can watch a video showing you how to remap your accounts here.

To do this, follow these steps: 

1. Select 'Custom reports' from the left-hand taskbar

2. Choose 'Add report' - selecting your desired report

3. Choose 'New group' from the top of the screen and name this group after the account name you would like displayed on the report - E.g. Subscriptions

4. Tick the 'Show Total,' 'Collapse and Show Total' and 'Style as account' options and click 'Accept'

5. Now tick the accounts you would like to remap, use the search function for hard-to-find accounts and press 'Bulk move,' at the top of your screen, choosing the group you would like to map these accounts to

6. Finally move the remapped group to the area of the report you would like it displayed, by clicking the three-dot menu, next to the group, choosing 'Move' and 'Move to'

7. Repeat this process for the rest of the groups that need remapping.

For more information on managing custom reports check out this user guide.