You can eliminate accounts (such as accounts containing inter-company transactions) through the Chart of Accounts page. For more information on Charts of Accounts and Eliminations, read our support document

Note: You can change the way Eliminations are treated on reports, see the section 'Managing Eliminations' below.

If you would prefer to watch a video guide on managing your eliminations, you can do so here.

Tagging accounts

 To select the accounts you would like to eliminate:

1. Click the settings cog in the top right of your screen and choose Chart of Accounts

2. Find the accounts you would like to eliminate by scrolling or use the filter boxes

3. Press the three-dot menu next to these accounts and choose whether to eliminate from all companies or selected companies

These accounts will now (by default) not appear in your reports.

Managing Eliminations

You can change the way Eliminations are treated on a report by report level - you can choose whether to remove eliminations, show only eliminations, show all accounts or display eliminations in a separate column.

To configure your eliminations:

1. Click the 'elimination configuration' box in the top right screen of any financial report (as pictured below)

2. Then choose from the drop-down how you would like your eliminations to be displayed/ handled.

Joiin will then present your eliminations as you have instructed.